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Strategic Enterprise Analysis

Program Description: 


Duration: Classroom - 2 Days | Virtual - 4 Days
Why to Take This Course:

Learn approaches and techniques to identify strategic opportunities, develop consultative approach to engage key stakeholders, apply innovation and build conving business cases.

Any strategic business initiative, major opportunity, threat or industry change requires an effective response from the enterprise. The emerging field of enterprise analysis addresses such challenges by bridging enterprise-level planning and direction-setting, with strong consulting, internal/external analysis and innovation to help transform the enterprise.

This program equips you to focus on the strategic goals of the organization as a whole, identify and justify initiatives that will achieve them, and get buy-in from senior executives and stakeholders in order to move the project forward.

Learn How To:

The course will help you practically learn on the following areas:

  • Move enterprise strategies and projects forward from both a consulting and enterprise analysis perspective
  • Use enterprise analysis techniques to identify profitable enterprise opportunities
  • Package and present a compelling rationale for your enterprise solution
  • Use consulting skills to get buy-in from senior management
  • Apply your consulting skills to financial, competitive and organizational goals
  • Effectively apply specific enterprise techniques, including business model analysis
  • Select and prioritize projects
  • Learn approaches for stakeholder analysis and effective consulting across the organization
  • Understand the role of change management in delivering the intended organizational benefits
  • Acquire tools and techniques for ideation and innovation
  • Apply enterprise analysis and consulting techniques to your own strategic challenges and organizational projects

Strategic Enterprise Analysis and Consulting

  • Enterprise Analysis and Strategy
  • Consulting versus Analysis
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Internal Consultants
  • Forms of Power and Consultant Types
  • Barriers to Critical Thinking
  • Consultant Pitfalls
  • Exercise: Consultant Role Play

Structuring Enterprise Analysis

  • Consulting versus Analysis
  • Barriers to Critical Thinking
  • Pitfalls to critical thinking
  • Exercise: Consultant Role Play
  • SARIE Approach
  • SARIE and the Consulting Cycle
  • S – Situation: Stating the Problem
  • Exercise: Evaluate Situation Statements
  • Situation Tools
    • Business Questionnaire
    • Systems Diagram
    • Exercise: Create Systems Diagram
    • Client Analysis
    • Workshop: Client Analysis Profile                

Define the Business Need: Understanding the Situation

  • Determining the right problem to solve or opportunity to seize
  • Crafting a solid situation statement in business term
  • Case Study Workshop

Analyzing the Business Need

  • How analysis avoids “jumping to solutions”
  • Three key techniques for getting to the root cause
  • Case Study Workshop

Strategic Analysis and Defining Future State of the Enterprise

  • The holistic and long-term view of enterprise analysis
  • Layers of organizational work
  • Aligning the operating model in support of strategy
  • Industry Analysis
    • Assessing strategic position through benchmarking and the environmental scan
    • Frameworks for strategic analysis such as Five Forces and Value Discipline
    • Applying the frameworks to a case study and to learner business problems
    • Beyond industry analysis

Making Sound Recommendations

  • Developing recommendations based on needs and causes
  • Case Study Workshop
  • Five critical methods to ensure recommendations are thorough and complete
  • Two Decision analysis techniques to adjust recommendations to the criteria of importance to decision-makers and ensure the business case supports business objectives
  • Case Study Workshop

Selling Enterprise Solution: Performing Cost-Benefit Analysis to Cost-Justify a Recommendation

  • Benefit types and tips for citing them
  • Cost types and tips for identifying them
  • Four essential and industry-standard financial valuation techniques: Payback period, ROI, Internal Rate of Return, and Net Present Value
  • Case Study Workshop

Planning Implementation and Evaluation of a Business Case

  • High-level implementation considerations, including dependencies, milestones, change management, and overcoming obstacles
  • Plan evaluation criteria
  • Packaging and presenting a business case, focusing on audience communication preferences
  • Case Study Workshop

To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of group and team exercises throughout the course. The use of a realistic case study will help reinforce concepts learned. Students will need to be prepared for a high level of participation. Each participant will receive a comprehensive student guide complete with examples and workshop solutions.

Who Should Attend:

This program is recommended for leaders and professionals with a minimum of five years of business experience and an understanding of business analysis or project fundamentals, seeking to acquire the approaches, tools and techniques to successfully operate at a more senior, strategic level within their organization. This course is valuable for Directors, managers, department heads and supervisors, Internal and external management/business consultants Program and project managers, Senior business analysts, IT, systems and networking professionals. HR specialists. Audit and finance specialists, Senior account executives and client service specialists who work with client organizations using a consultative approach to develop enterprise-wide solutions


Prerequisites: Participants should have worked on the analysis, development, and should have exposure to business. No technical experience is necessary, but an understanding of applications development is required.
Knowledge Area:



Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Strategy Analysis
Elicitation and Collaboration
Requirements Analysis

Project Scope Management

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