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An assessment of the BA / RE practices forms the basis of effective intervention and improvement initiatives. It included planning sessions culminating in a kick-off session, administration of an assessment instrument, review of project artifacts and deliverables, accompanied by a series of interviews.  

Vellicate’s assessment determines organizational maturity and workforce capability for individuals working at different levels. Conducting a BA / RE capability assessment will create a snapshot of your BA capabilities.

The underlying premise of our assessment practice is that as project complexity increases, more sophisticated knowledge, skills, methods, tools, and organizational structures are required for project success.

Our assessments provide a baseline from which the individual will grow and are measured against the model of the company. This gives the organization the ability to measure and manage growth and maturity in a way that fits its own style. Maturity, capability, and training assessments deliver benefits that help you: 

  •  Develop relevant baselines for business analysis maturity and capabilities that will focus attention on the areas providing the biggest payback 
  •  Assess opportunities for skill development that will identify the most urgent training needs and will save time and money 
  •  Assess gaps in business capabilities that will identify potential process improvements for improved ROI and customer satisfaction from the Business Analysis effort 
  •  Perform periodic reassessments that will provide progress reports to make corrections to plans and take advantage of new opportunities\


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