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There is immense depth to ponder over Lao Tzu’s words – If you do not change direction, then you may end up where you are heading. While change is inevitable, the question is do you want Change or do you want Progress?


Vellicate focuses on managing change consistently, which is indeed what progress

means to us. While large and corporate wide training and consultation are used as

vacuum cleaning for the masses, our Corporate Solutions and Services (CSS) wing

acquires a myopic vision to resolve situations which have horizontal and vertical

impact on the organization’s growth. Through our CSS we ensure to strengthen and

streamline every organization’s niche for which they are identified and distinguished

for. Out three step process help you mature your practices in a predictable and

measurable way.


Step 1 - Assessment:

  • An independent appraisal of organizational practices that provides a foundation for advancement
  • Determine where we are today and where do we want to be in future
  • Current capabilities mapped to practice maturity model based on industry best practices
  • Diagnose project complexity, challenges and opportunities


Step 2 - Develop a solution to fit your needs and culture

  • Define capable workforce for your organizational needs
  • Plan competencies and the size of workforce
  • Determine the standards that are best suited for your needs
  • Define metrics aligned with your business needsKnowledge management framework
  • Governance framework


Step 3 - Flawless execution, validation and reinforcement

  • Competency development programs
  • Support organizational change and organizational improvement
  • Adapt tools and processes
  • Evaluate benefits and make changes if necessary
  • Reinforce learning


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Requirements assurance is all about preventing the requirements defects through effective requirements planning,

elicitation, elaboration and validation throughout the project lifecycle. It includes obtaining consensus on conflicting

requirements, stakeholders approval, managing requirements and their traceability.

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