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OMG Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB 2)

Learn practical skills to improve your business processes to deliver better business outcome. The course leverages the best practices from the Object Management Group (OMG), Association of BPM Professionals (ABPMP) and methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Triz and prepares participants for OCEB 2 Fundamental Certificate.

Duration: Classroom - 4 Days
Why Take This Course:

To harness the work done in organizations, and to increase productivity, it is essential to understand how to model business processes. This course explores the need for modeling business processes, how process modeling is one part of a larger framework for achieving higher quality through Business Process Management, the essential steps to process modeling, and the critical success factors for making the effort successful. It provides a practical framework for understanding and modeling business processes and describes how to develop a variety of process model types.

The OCEB2 Fundamental certification path delivers a broad range of knowledge and skills focused on achieving business goals and objectives through process management. This course offers the essential knowledge and skills for every process management professional, including process management, process modeling, business modeling and process improvements.

BPMN 2.0 gives you a common, unambiguous language that can communicate across business units, cultures and languages. It is rapidly becoming the world standard in BPM modeling languages.

With the scope of knowledge and skills covered in the OCEB 2 Fundamental examination, and a corresponding amount of industry experience, a BPM Practitioner holding the OCEB 2 Fundamental Certification can become a productive and responsible member of a BPM team. This course prepares you for the OMG Certified Expert in BPM (OCEB 2) Fundamental Examination.

During the workshop, the tool Bizagi Moder will used. The participants should bring their laptop with the tool installed.

The OCEB 2 Fundamental Certificatio covers topics like:

  • the basic concepts and terms in business,
  • business motivation and planning,
  • business process and business process management,
  • business process modeling
  • the definition and usage of the BPMN 2 elements identified in the specification,
  • process quality, governance, and metrics frameworks,

Our trainers are experienced process consultants, bringing their knowledge of many BPM projects directly to the course via real-world examples and practical exercises.

Learn How To:
  • Identify the critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques, and tips described by OMG and BPMN2.
  • Anticipate general types of questions that appear on the exam and learn how to answer them.
  • Cite the core knowledge areas, their activities, tasks, deliverables, and their relationships.
  • Measure your ability to successfully complete the exam through sample questions in each knowledge area.
  • Dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every practice exam.
  • Develop a personal test prep strategy, employing various test-taking tactics.

Business Goals, Objectives

  • business fundamentals
  • strategy
  • planning and goal-setting
  • project management
  • marketing
  • staffing
  • finance

Business Process Concepts and Fundamentals 

  • identifying (discovering) business processes
  • characteristics of processes
  • as-is process vs. to-be process
  • levels of business process modeling
  • tying business processes to goals and objectives

Business Process Management Concepts and Fundamentals

  • functional vs. process-centric enterprise organization
  • styles of process management
  • advancements in process management
  • stakeholders' roles and responsibilities
  • enabling tools of process management

Business Motivation Modeling 

  • business vision
  • goals, objectives
  • means and ends
  • mission
  • strategies, tactics
  • aspects of business modeling

Business Process Modeling Concepts

  • BPMN2 Basics
  • definition and use of all BPMN 2 elements included in the descriptive and analytic conformance subclasses
  • activities;
  • grouping elements of a model

Business Process Modeling Skills

  • brief scenario presented either as a BPMN diagram or in a few sentences
  • BPMN elements listed in the descriptive and analytic conformance subclasses 

Process Quality, Governance, and Metrics Frameworks

  • awareness of a range of industry frameworks
  • APQC Process Classification Framework
  • SCOR
  • Value Chain Reference Model
  • Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM)
  • Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and group exercises throughout the course. A lively role play and case study help reinforce concepts learned.

You will dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every section.

The processes will be modeled using Bizagi Modeler (available for free). Students should bring their laptop with Bizagi Modeler installed. Students need to be prepared for a high level of participation. Each participant receives a comprehensive student guide complete.

Who Should Attend: Process analysts, business analysts, project managers, business process owners, general business staff, and anyone who needs the skills to improve and/or manage business processes. Anyone who would like to earn OCEB 2 Fundamental Certification from OMG. Titles could include process analysts, business analysts, project managers, business process owners, general business staff, and anyone who needs the skills to understand, model, and manage business processes.

Some basic understanding or exposure to process concepts will be helpful.

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