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Digital Transformation

The Leading Digital Transformation course is a hands-on, realistic business transformation experience guided by experienced Facilitators with extensive backgrounds in Business Transformation and 25+ years in Corporate. Whether you are a Business oriented professional or a Business Analyst or a Technical expert, you will expand on your previous experience in a robust, dynamic, and fast-paced environment.  You will experience the pitfalls, roadblocks, curveballs, successes, and learn a systematic approach of dealing with the complexities of Digital Transformation as part of a working team in a lively and safe environment!

Digital Transformation - Must be Strategic and Designed to Fit your or your Customer’s Needs

Technology in general and Digital Technology in particular will play a crucial role in making these complex business transformations successful. Organizations will be expected to increasingly focus on strategy and innovation for delivering radical business improvements vs business as usual and incremental improvements. But the companies will find it hard to get the right talent with abilities of critical thinking, ability to adapt, invent, re-invent, create and innovate to reap benefits of the business transformation. This has led to an urgent business need of maturing the processes and methodologies to deal with complexities.

Every organization is different from others in terms of its business maturity, complexity, size and environment. Hence the organizations need to create a digital vision that is relevant to them. There are many ways to achieve maturity and there is no right or wrong way. You need to decide what your model will look like based on Your cultural evaluation, What resources you have, What budget you have, What support you have (top-down, grass root).

It goes without saying that a successful digital transformation practice requires a team of capable and credible business analysts. It also requires mature business analysis (BA) practices. The journey to a mature BA practice starts with mature and capable BAs. Therefore, the first step in determining the optimal make-up of your BA team is to determine the type and complexity of work they perform and will be performing. Businesses that work on complex projects often face challenges to deliver. They primarily focused on requirements for IT solutions and managing (most often resisting and limiting) changes to those requirements. Business Analysis changes the project focus from IT to the business. It is about the business value created by new IT solutions, not about the technology. You need to assess your environment and diagnose project complexity to determine the BA maturity that your organization should aim for.

Therefore, the course starts helping you define your digital world and take you through its implementation and finally the realization of the benefits.



The Digital Transformation Courses provided are:

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