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Mission And Vision


Vellicate Technologies is committed to providing practical solutions for competency development to IT professionals and managers worldwide with an aim to increase their productivity and thereby increasing their contribution to the goals and objectives of their organization.

We value your learning above anything else

Our goal is for you to be able to effectively and confidently apply the skills and tools you learn in the training on your job. We approach everything we do from both a process and a technical perspective. This allows us to provide a robust and high quality training while equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your profession.

We assure you maximize your training investment with every training from Vellicate

Business does not want to wait for people to get up to speed. So, rest assured that with every training participant will leave class with skills and motivation to hit the ground running. All our courses offer tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately. Every training is practical and comes with comprehensive materials that becomes reference material for very long time after the course is complete. 

Our expert instructors provide our participants with real-world conceptual knowledge and practical skills that are reinforced and deepened through extensive in-class hands-on exercises.

We judge our success by the extent to which our customers recognize that we have made a significant difference in their organization's performance.

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