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Business Analysis

Business Analysts identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. Through the effective use of business analysis, we can ensure an organization realizes these benefits, ultimately improving the way they do business. Contact us to help you and your organization grow.

Business Process Management

With internet and technology, the business processes have become more complex due to interdependent, interconnected and dynamic entities. Since business processes have become significantly more complex, their implementation is also significantly more complex. Partner with us for your business success and a robust career in BPM.

Project Management

Probably the most important investment that an organization can make is in an effective Project Management Office (PMO). Whether you are new to Project Management or are an experienced Project Manager, our uniquely designed curriculum has a program to take your skills and capability to the next level.


Our holistic approach to Agile methodologies enables you focus on all areas of the enterprise, not just IT. We translate complex industry standards into practical application, helping you make Agile work in your world. Learn how you can successfully implement agile methodologies within your teams and departments, and ultimately across the organization.

Leadership Development

With the business environment becoming so complex, corporates and professionals need to develop key leadership skills like influencing without authority, critical thinking and problem solving. Leadership development training from Vellicate arms you with key skills to grow your career and prepares you to assume greater responsibility.

Digital Transformation

Technology in general and Digital Technology in particular will play a crucial role in making complex business transformations successful. Organizations are expected to increasingly focus on strategy and innovation for delivering radical business improvements. We partner with you in transforming your business – from crafting your digital vision to the realization of its benefit.


Training and Certification

We provide well-researched knowledge and show you how to apply this expertise on your projects. We use engaging methodologies and highly qualified instructors.

Consulting and Coaching

Have a senior Consultant coach and mentor one or more of your Business Analysts on one of your projects.

BA & RE Center Of Excellence

A BA & RE Center Of Excellence is responsible for improving the business analysis process for an organization. Current state of the practices is assessed, processes and standards are defined, developed, communicated, implemented, results measured and continually improved.


Inhouse training

Instructor led virtual classroom

Enhancing Human Capital

For Project and Business Success


In today's fiercely competitive business environment, businesses often do not get a second chance. They need to succeed in their first attempt to grow their business and become an industry leader.


Business Analysis and Project Management are the two most critical capabilities that the corporate need for their success today. Yet, these are the most under-leveraged capabilities in most organizations.

With the rapid pace of changes in technology and business, the complexity of projects has increased multi-fold. Business Analysts ensure that the projects realize their benefits and deliver value to the stakeholders. Business Analysis is increasingly becoming a key function in the implementation of organizational change. Business analysis capabilities allow you to deliver better business outcomes.


Probably the most important investment that an organization can make is in an Effective Project Management office (PMO). Today, projects managers need to manage the complexity of the projects while managing the risks, dependencies and changes virtually on a daily basis.

We recognize your challenges and support your efforts in maturing your capabilities through our strategic consulting and training services.

To know how our Assessment, Training, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring services can help you develop and leverage your capabilities for project and business success, contact us TODAY. First consulting is FREE. We assure you of 2-20x returns on your investment.

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